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DMK Skin Revision Treatments and Home Care Prescriptives work with the structure and function of the skin rather than just acting on the surface. Pharmaceutical grade skin care which works with your bodies own chemistry to affect real change; they are pure, undiluted and conform to what is claimed with no fillers or impurities. 


DMK skin care contains a high level of active ingredients and is only available to buy through skin clinics to ensure that you are always using the correct product as prescribed by a dermal therapist. To gain access simply complete a free online consultation so you can unlock recommendations and purchase home care prescriptions specific to your skins needs.




Receive a Free Email Consultation And Skin Analysis 


Email with the subject ‘Skin Advice’ and one of our therapists will send an online consultation form for you to fill out. We love discussing all things skin so give us as much detail as possible, you can also add images of your skin and areas of concern. We will use this information to give you advice and product recommendations for your healthiest skin.

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